500 Tuxedo Event

Tuxedo Event

“The event came from a request of little Black boys in my neighborhood on 9th & Ring Street who saw me dressed up to go to dinner and wanted to know why they couldn’t dress up and go to dinner. The event was created to give them that chance and also allow little Black Boys who may or may not have a chance to spend just one day with a positive Black. Hopefully giving all the young men more confidence and reminding the older men of our community duties.” Andre Ellis

To see the event pictures – http://www.jsonline.com/multimedia/photos/tuxedo-walk-for-boys-b99633201z1-361684861.html

A Tuxedo Walk for inner city African American boys teaches the young men how to be gentlemen. The main mission is to show at risk boys there’s more to life than the streets. Each boy is given a quick hair cut and a tuxedo. After a group photo at the Milwaukee Art Museum, the group road the bus to Cathedral Square Park then walked to Chic Cafe.

To sign up, donate or learn more, go to https://thecagemke.com/black-tuxedo-event/

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