On December 12, 2015 Milwaukee will be transformed by the 500 Black Tuxedos Event. We are still trying to reach the 250 men needed to recruit the 250 boys. The men pay a $75 tuxedos rental fee to sponsor a boy to participate. To sign up they must go to Torrence’s house of Threads on 47th & Fond Du Lac Avenue.  We have a phenomenal day planned for our young brothers and we strongly believe that it will be very rewarding for our mentors as well. By giving these young brothers a chance to put on a tux and parade in the streets of Milwaukee we open up their whole perspective of life. As I talk to young Brothers in the hood, many did not think that they are worthy of wearing a tuxedo and going downtown for a Black Tie Dinner. I say let’s show them different. Other than the tuxedo rentals all other expenses are covered.

The purpose of the walk is to show our young Brothers that they can dress up their lives before they mess up their lives. I strongly believe that we can make the 500 number but we need older men to register or donations for men that can’t pay the $75 for a youth.

For more information call (414) 779-2476. To donate please click here.

We have a number of young Brothers who would like to be mentors but just don’t have the funds right now. Anyone that would like to help can go to our donation page and make a $75 Paypal donation to cover the cost of a tuxedo rental for young boy to walk. The men can cover themselves but many can’t fund the total cost for both tuxedos. You may also stop by Torrence’s House of Threads on 47th & Fond Du Lac Ave and make your donation.

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