“We Got This” is a program based out of Milwaukee, WI.  Started on 9th and Ring, this program began with a crew of young boys cleaning up their neighborhood and learning about gardening.  The program grew each Saturday as boys came out to assist in duties and were each subsequently paid 20 dollars for their efforts.  The program has continued to grow and each week during the summer young boys continue to make their way to 9th and Ring for cleanup and gardening.  Upon arrival, the boys are met by positive role models from the community to assist with their efforts.  “We Got This” is making efforts to put the “neighbor” back in the “hood” recreating neighborhoods.

    Donate Plants

    Plant Donation with Teens Grow Greens We are also looking to gather plants for the upcoming growing season and will gladly take plant donations.  We...
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    Looking Good in the Hood

    This Saturday when you visit The Garden you will see the young men operating under a different order. I have a small group of brothers...
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    Well Suited

    Nearly 400 African-American boys and men, ages 5 to 73, got dressed up for a day on the town in December 2015. In a year...
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