What We Do

Our mission is to incorporate the “neighbor” back into our “hoods” and recreate a real sense of neighborhood.  One action at a time we believe that we can restore our neighborhoods to what they should be.  “We Got This” is based out of Milwaukee, WI, but it can be replicated anywhere there is a need to restore.

In 2022 We Got This completed 1000 hours of work within the neighborhood

For over 10 years on Saturday mornings in the summer time We Got This has welcomed young people from the neighborhood surrounding the We Got This Community Garden located on the corner of 9th and Ring in Milwaukee’s 53206 Zip Code. Participants of the We Got This program learn the basics of gardening and care for the organization’s multiple garden spaces within the neighborhood. Through weeding garden beds, planting trees, and figuring out how to bring water to newer garden spaces, the young people working with We Got This develop skills in communication, collaboration, and problem solving while changing the physical spaces and providing healthy food to residents within the poorest areas of the state of Wisconsin.

Participants, from 4th grade to high school are paid $20 for their 4 hours of service to the neighborhood, but the life lessons and tangible skills they learn are priceless. You can learn more at www.wegotthismke.com