Looking Good in the Hood

We got this Milwaukee

This Saturday when you visit The Garden you will see the young men operating under a different order. I have a small group of brothers that are 18 and older that will help keep order and share more with the brothers because we are growing so fast.

We will introduce “The Clothing Closet.” This is where you can donate belts, socks, underwear, T-Shirts, and clothing for the young brothers 12 – 16 years old. The clothing will be in the garden for the brothers to choose from. A program we are calling “Looking Good in the Hood.”

We believe that when you look better you feel and think better.

For those that want to help WE GOT THIS, happens every Saturday this summer until August 27th, 2016.  We are located in The Community Garden on 9th & Ring Street, 53206.

We begin at 8 AM and end at Noon each Saturday. Boys 12-16 years old are welcome every Saturday to participate knowing that anyone arriving after 8 AM will be denied work. You must be on time. The brothers are given $20 each Saturday they participate.

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Gardener, web designer, mom, daughter, co-host of the 53206 Cast podcast and loves Milwaukee, specifically 9th and Ring.

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