47 Kids and 35 Trash Pickers

We wanted to update you on an exciting challenge we are facing at We Got This. From We Got This’ inception, a weekly activity for the group is walking through the neighborhood and picking up trash. Growing up in a clean neighborhood is a luxury that many of our young people do not have, and the hour spent walking the neighborhood and cleaning up truly does make a difference. Up until this past Saturday, we had plenty of buckets and trash pickers for the group. This past weekend, we had 47 kids come out to the garden, and because of that, we were short on trash pickers and buckets. 

We’re hoping that we can quickly acquire more through our Amazon Wishlist. The kids have identified that the specific trash picker listed on the wishlist is the best (which we think is pretty cool to have kids have a preferred brand of picker).

If you are able to help us out, click here for the Amazon Wishlist.


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Gardener, web designer, mom, daughter, co-host of the 53206 Cast podcast and loves Milwaukee, specifically 9th and Ring.

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